Occupational Therapy

caregiver and her patientAs we age or when we get sick, it is possible to lose some of our independence. Caring for ourselves can become more difficult but with ample training, we can restore our abilities and resume a quality life at home and at work.

Careplus Home Health Services will provide clients with Occupational Therapy which includes:

  • Proposing Home Modifications to Improve Safety
  • Coordinating Activities to Promote Independence
  • Evaluation of Psychosocial Needs
  • Coaching on Work Safety Practices
  • Basic Skills Re-Education
  • Range of Motion
  • Exercise Programs to Restore Occupational Skills
  • Regaining Mobility
  • Body Mechanics Treatment
  • Lymphedema Management and Care
  • Fitting of Prosthetics for Amputations

Get more information about Occupational Therapy when you consult with our staff or when you give us a call at 703-533-3623. Careplus Home Health Services looks forward to serving you soon.