Speech Therapy

caregiver and her patient reading a bookLearning to communicate and to communicate well are essential in our daily living. Careplus Home Health Services has Speech Therapy programs intended for individuals who encounter difficulties with articulation, swallowing and pronunciation.

Speech Therapy Services

  • Therapy for Cerebral Palsy
  • Therapy for Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Treatment for Down Syndrome
  • Minimizing Cognition Delays
  • Treatment for Swallowing Difficulties
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Phonological Delays Therapy
  • Evaluation and Therapy for Learning Disabilities
  • Adaptive Speech Devices
  • Involuntary Stuttering
  • Sign Language or Alternative Communication Training
  • Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Treatment for Aphasia Following a Stroke

Get more information about Speech Therapy when you consult with our staff or when you give us a call at 703-533-3623. Careplus Home Health Services looks forward to serving you soon.